WEXXAR Case Erector

Since 1977, Wexxar has designed and manufactured leading edge case erecting, case sealing and tray forming machinery for corrugated container packaging. There is a Wexxar machine for forming or sealing anything from a simple "brown box" to complex specialty trays. Applications are limited only by the imagination.

In 2005, Wexxar and Belcor joined forces to offer the combined Wexxar/BEL brand. The BEL and Wexxar names are already known in the marketplace, and together assemble more than 15 major industry innovations in end-of-line packaging solutions that deliver benefits and value to the customer.

Wexxar/BEL's philosophy of quality innovation is based on listening to real world needs and is one of the reasons Wexxar clients are so loyal. With machines still running which were designed and built over 20 years ago, Wexxar has proven the value of solution-based engineering.

Wexxar's customers are around the world in 40 countries and across many segments of manufacturing - agricultural products, packaged food, household goods, pharmaceuticals, electronics and many other products. Fortune 500 companies right down to single-line manufacturers use Wexxar's integrated packaging solutions because of the strength, reliability and low operating cost this 'end-of-line' packaging machinery provides.