About Harlund

If you have a product that needs to be coded, labeled, or identified then you need to talk to us! Our expertise lies in coding and identification systems. Our customers come from many industries with a wide variety of coding and identification needs, but they share at least one thing in common. They know the value of dealing with a supplier who can address their specific needs, wants and concerns, solve their problems, and exceed their expectations. They choose Harlund for a variety of reasons. Let me explain.

With over 35 years in the industry we have gained extensive experience in all aspects of coding and identification. We focus on our customers' needs to remain competitive by offering the widest range of world-class, state-of-the-art coding and identification technology in Canada. We aim to increase your productivity and decrease your production costs – cost savings, low down time, long- term free maintenance and a high return on investment. For quality, reliability and return on investment, our product line-up together with our unparalleled technical design, service and support have made their mark on the industry. Making sure you get the right equipment for your unique situation that meets both your short-term objectives and allows for future expansion – all within budget. A tall order? Not for us. It's the way we do business with all of our customers. And I personally put my years of experience and reputation on the line when I say; this is our responsibility and our promise to you.

Call 1-877-Harlund and let Harlund play a role in making sure you make the right decision about your coding and identification solutions. We are ready to prove everything we claim.

Bruce Hartfelder

The Harlund Promise

Over the last 35 years Harlund has gained extensive and valuable experience in all aspects of product coding and identification. Our customers come from many industries across Canada.

They come to Harlund because of our ability to meet their needs and wants, eliminate their concerns, solve their problems and meet or exceed their expectations. We help our customers to increase their productivity and decrease their production costs.

Quality of product, reliability and a quick return on investment is our focus. Our unparalleled technical design, strong technical service support both before and after installation of your equipment has made Harlund the first choice of many manufacturers across Canada.

We service what we sell. We guarantee that you will get the right equipment for your unique situation that meets both your short-term objectives and allows for future expansion. On time and within your budget.