NITA Labeling

Simply put, the Nita Labeling story is born of one man’s passionate pursuit of labeling perfection. Back in 1990, Mr. Normand Lord purchased Nita Corp. After a decade in the printing plate business Normand transformed Nita by buying a small labeling machine company from Mr. Luc Harvey who today is our chief engineer and resident “smartest person on the team”. Together they endeavored to redefine a new standard in the industry for technological advancement and operational simplicity. Identifying the use of old technology like stepper motors and proprietary software in PLC’s and micro-processor boards as the culprit in hard to operate and maintain machines, Normand and Luc decided they would build a BETTER labeling system. Investing more money than we care to share here, Normand and Luc developed what is the modern Nita labeling system built with only the newest technology like 100% non-proprietary servo motors and software managed programmable drives.

Today, Nita Labeling equipment is thriving as the fastest growing domestically built labeling application machinery manufacturing company in North America.